Handcrafted Sushi

Sushi rolls, katsu curry, delicious chicken and more. Feast your eyes on our menu.

Know your sashimi from your nigiri

There are a million ways to enjoy a Feng, so here are some helpful tips and information to help you navigate our menu.

Become a Sushi Master

Be Coy With Soy

You only need a little soy sauce. Too much and you’ll overpower your sushi’s delicate flavour. Remember to put the soy on your fish and not on your rice.

Act Gingerly

Ginger is used to cleanse your palate in between eating different types of fish. Enjoy it by itself as you decide which delicious morsel you are going to go for next.

Avoid the Wasabi Burn

Mouth on fire? Quickly breathe through your nose not your mouth and the burn will fade in a few seconds.