Heart of Japan, Spirit of London

A little about Feng Sushi, and what makes us who we are


Our highly trained chefs use traditional skills to create handcrafted sushi (and more) from the finest ingredients. Working in perfect harmony, our team will lovingly make your food to order, present it beautifully and then deliver it to your table, home or office with a smile. Prepared with Zen-like calm, Feng food will delight your taste buds and soothe your soul.


Balance in our menu means fresh, carefully-sourced, high quality ingredients made into tasty food which is indulgent and healthy. Our menu offers something for everyone including healthy brown rice, tempting tempura, beautiful sashimi and tangy pickles. Feng food was made to be eaten mindfully so you can savour the flavour.


Over the years our Fengs have become an integral part of local neighbourhoods. We care about the areas we live and work in, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a new Feng become a place where people come together to talk, laugh, meet and work.

Our Team

Przemek, Operations Manager