winter seasonal champion: salmon

POSTED 04 December 2012 IN Wellbeing

Latin name: Salmo

Family name: Salmonidae

The family of Salmonidae includes trout, char and grayling as well as salmon and all share the ‘ray-fin’ – a fin supported by a bony spine. The salmon, with its silvery skin and succulent, sweet pink flesh, can grow up to  to an enormous size; it has been reported that, in 1891, a 70lb salmon was caught in a net in the River Tay. The largest one caught on a rod and line was by Miss Georgina Ballantyne, also in the Tay, in 1922: it weighed 64lbs (29kg).

Salmon is a mostly migratory fish typically born in fresh water, moving to the sea and then back to fresh water to breed, but stocks of wild salmon are dwindling through over-fishing and today an environmentally responsible approach is to rear salmon in controlled conditions.

Feng Sushi sources its fish from Loch Duart as we believe that it represents the best quality and most sustainable fish on the market.

Loch Duart was the first salmon farm in the world to become a member of Freedom Food’s new salmon scheme and, since then, it has picked up a host of awards, including Approved Supplier for the Sustainable Restaurant Assocation.

Andy, our supplier describes, “we’ve been supplying Feng Sushi from these beautiful clean seas at the top of Britain for about a decade now. The feedback from the most discerning sushi customers in London keeps our staff focussed on getting Feng Sushi the freshest, best tasting salmon in the world.”

Feng explains, “We have worked with Loch Duart for almost 12 years, the salmon is simply the most delicious I have tasted to date and I truly believe we owe some of Feng Sushi’s success to this wonderful product. To really do this fish justice it should be eaten raw.”