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POSTED 04 August 2015 IN Wellbeing

Sushi and Vita Coco Coconut Water: A Mouth-Watering Partnership

As a Feng Sushi customer, your taste buds are used to the more appetising, finer things in life. Now they are in for another healthy treat…

Sushi Delivery London – Now With Free Coconut Water!

To celebrate our partnership with Vita Coco Coconut Water, when you order a sushi delivery in London from us on 7th August 2015 it will come with a free bottle of cool, tasty Vita Coco.

Whether you enjoy it after a long slog at work, an exhausting day with the kids, or a tough workout, your Vita Coco and sushi combo will give you a delicious and refreshing pick me up.

5 Reasons We’re Nuts About Vita Coco

1. Every bottle of Vita Coco Coconut Water is low calorie, fat-free and gluten-free

2. Coconut water is brimming with natural sugars, crammed full of naturally occurring potassium and packed with essential electrolytes taken from young, fresh, green coconuts

3. With no cholesterol and no colouring, preservatives or flavouring, coconut water is as healthy and pure as it tastes

4. Vita Coco Coconut Oil makes a nourishing deep conditioning hair treatment, and can also be used as make up remover,  tooth whitener and to put the glow back in to dry skin

5. Coconut oil also has a multitude of uses in the kitchen

Coconuts are bursting with goodness, and coconut water is a healthy, tasty accompaniment to your fresh sushi delivery. So, order now for sushi delivery on Friday 7th August and prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary coconut-flavoured treat!

Terms apply: 1 free 330ml bottle per order, cannot be exchanged for any other drink or product range, only available 7th August, limited number available and first come frist serve.