top 5 salmon boxes in london!

POSTED 01 August 2014 IN Community

We’re pleased as punch at being included in About Time’s top five salmon sushi boxes in London. After their extensive lunchtime tastings, this is what they had to say about our Brown Rice Salmon Power Lunch:

“3 weeks in and I finally find something with brown rice. The absence of brown rice in takeaway sushi restaurants is surprising – considering it’s much healthier and more filling. I stumble on it at Feng Sushi, in a lovely ‘salad’: a deconstructed salmon  avocado roll, basically, with some decorative fruit and a sprinkle of herbs. But it’s lovely; light and tasty. The wakame is salty and balances the pomegranate well, and the salmon is on the good side of thickly cut. “ Read the whole article here.

We took the bold step of introducing London to brown rice sushi in 2002 to add a complex carbohydrate alternative and we’re very glad it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We also feel vindicated for our choice 13 years ago to exclusively use the sustainable Loch Duart salmon. After a trip to the fishery in 2002 – when we opened in Notting Hill – we have been faithfully serving Loch Duart salmon because we know it’s the best, most sustainable salmon available. When it was served at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011 we applauded their good taste – if it’s good enough for the future King and Queen, it’s good enough for us.

Along with the three stars we received from the SRA (Sustainable Restaurant Association), it is these moments of recognition that deepen our commitment to offer the best sushi possible with the lowest impact. It’s what we like to call value added sushi!

*About Time indicated that the Power Lunch has to be pre-ordered, however, it is ready to go at our Notting Hill and Kensington locations.