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POSTED 31 July 2014 IN Wellbeing


It’s Saturday morning and time to replenish your fridge and store cupboards. That may mean a trip to the supermarket, or perhaps the local farmers’ market. Either way, you probably feel like you’re in control of what ends up in your basket. Take a stroll down the chilled aisles in the supermarket, scan the various animal welfare certifications and make a judgment call – Freedom Food, free-range, organic. Take your pick and enjoy the chicken dinner that matches your wallet and your values. The same applies at the fish counter, or at least it can do. Look out for the Marine Stewardship Council blue tick and you can be confident that you’re taking home a responsibly sourced fish and you’re not doing further damage to already endangered stocks. You want your food to be good in every way.

Back home, and you’ve roasted your chicken or grilled your fish. You’ve only used a couple of plates, three knives a pair of forks and four glasses. The dishwasher is still half empty, so you opt not to run it until it’s full. With a good bit of meat still left on the chicken you wrap it up and pop it in the fridge already imagining all the lovely leftover dishes you can create. You might even knock on your elderly neighbour’s door and offer them a plateful. And then, when you really are down to the bare bones, into the food waste recycling bin they go. So far, so good.

But what happens when you eat out? Do you park your well practised domestic habits at the restaurant door or just cross your fingers and hope it shares your values? Thousands of restaurants, cafes, pubs and takeaways across the UK do share those values and are working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to go even further. The variety is huge too. So whether you want to eat sushi, like at Feng Sushi, are more of a traditionalist and prefer fish and chips, or want to celebrate in style at Michelin starred restaurant – the choices are pretty much limitless. They’re all Members of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, going the extra mile to make sure your meal isn’t costing the earth.

Feng Sushi is one of the elite – the SRA awarded it Three Stars (the highest) in its Sustainability Rating, which The Sunday Times called the Michelin Stars of Sustainability. The SRA assessed Feng Sushi, as it does with all restaurant across the board. That includes the provenance of the fish (exceptionally sustainable at Feng Sushi), attention to healthy eating (again exceptional at Feng Sushi), staff treatment and how waste, water and energy are managed (you’ll be pleased to know that yes, food waste is recycled at Feng Sushi).


By searching the SRA’s online restaurant guide you can find places to suit your tastes, book a table, take your seat and tuck in confident in the knowledge that your chosen eatery is taking care of business just the way you like it.

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