tea supplier: canton tea

POSTED 31 July 2014 IN Wellbeing

Our supplier, Canton Tea are just fantastic and we’ve written a blog about how they source their tea.

Tea is essential to Japanese culture and cuisine and when a single cup of tea can launch a company, chances are it’s pretty good tea. Jennifer Wood’s passion for Taiwanese Pouchong green tea inspired her to found Canton Tea Co, whose mission it is to make handmade teas sourced directly from family-run farms.

For years, Jennifer Wood had been drinking one of the rarest and most expensive cups of tea around. Each spring, a tea farmer friend gave her a Pouchong, an incredibly rare handmade green tea from Taiwan and it was this extraordinary tea that inspired her to create Canton Tea Co. From the outset, Canton Tea Co’s sole aim was to source tea exclusively from small, family-run farms. The search for these farms has led Canton to China, India, Taiwan and Japan where they have developed relationships with each of their suppliers. These artisan teas are grown and processed by their singular suppliers using the same methods passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years; Canton helps to keep these traditions alive and viable. Through close ties with trusted local buyers, Canton is able to ensure the highest quality and a fair price for the growers and their customers alike.

Since their inception in 2007 at Jennifer’s kitchen table, Canton Tea has become one of the UK’s preeminent purveyors of fine, handmade artisan teas. From their warehouse in Bristol, they craft 120 teas which they ship throughout the world.