taywell ice creams

POSTED 09 June 2012 IN Wellbeing

Everybody loves ice cream but we wanted our ice cream to reflect our commitment to sustainability as well as taste, so were very excited when we discovered Taywell Ice Creams. We met Taywell’s MD Alastair Jessell at the Sustainability Restaurant Awards held at 10 Downing Street in May 2012 and they soon realised that they shared a vision about food. Silla quickly arranged a trip to Paddock Wood to find out more about the product and, totally convinced by what she saw and heard, immediately got involved in creating the distinctive flavours you can now find at Feng Sushi: Kaffir Lime Leaf and Coconut, Matcha Green Tea, Dark Chocolate and Wasabi Sorbet and Blood Orange Sorbet. Here’s what convinced her:

Firstly, Taywell use local milk and 40% cream (the next level up from double cream), egg yolks for that creamy, smoothness, natural sugars, 100% fruit (or Belgian chocolate, coffee, nut oil) and only 12-15% air – cheaper brands can use up to 250% air to bulk out their product.

And, most importantly, here is a long list of what Taywell DOESN’T use, so you can get an idea of what you might be eating if you don’t buy the best…

No artificial colouring, flavouring or stabilisers.

No skimmed milk powder, reconstituted whey or whey protein, concentrates or bulking agents, GM foods, salt, whiteners, iron oxides, loads of air or large quantities of water in the sorbet.

Additionally Taywell creates jobs in the Wealden dairy industry and the surrounding rural community, which is another reason why Taywell Ice Creams have become one of the first nominated SRA suppliers.