sustainable yellowtail from clean seas

POSTED 02 December 2010 IN Wellbeing

Yellowtail or hamachi is another name for amberjack fish. A native of the Pacific, this oily fish has a light coloured flesh and a rich sweet flavour that’s somewhere between mackerel and tuna (its part of the mackerel, tuna and bonito family).

At Feng Sushi we serve it lots of ways but one of our most popular is an upside down sashimi with jalapeno chillies and kimchee dressing.

The Japanese rate it as one of the finest sashimi fish. Farmed yellow tail has a higher fat content, cleaner texture and firmer texture than the wild fish, some people think it’s better all round.

Most yellowtail is farmed in Australia and Japan and arrives in this country frozen but you can still eat it raw. At Feng Sushi we use an Australian supplier Clean Seas who have an outstanding reputation as sustainable fish farmers. Their fish are farmed in some of the world’s most pristine seas, fed by cold, nutrient rich Antarctic waters from the Great Southern Ocean and located in areas of high tidal movement, consistent flow and temperature. Minimum density, natural locally produced feeds and site fallow periods deliver a totally sustainable fish.

The brood stock is wild caught and the state of the art hatchery at Arno Bay produces fingerlings of the highest quality. These fish are transferred to the open water low pens where low stocking densities, daily monitoring and a pollution free environment combine to provide a stress free life. When its time for harvesting the fish are killed using traditional Japanese protocols combined with the latest technology. The fish are frozen straight away using salt water ice chilling for maximum freshness and flavour.