summer special menu

POSTED 17 July 2012 IN From The Kitchen

Well summer may be late in starting, but here at Feng Sushi we’ve got a brand new menu that is everything summer should be: it’s fresh, light and, as you’d expect, includes all the very best seasonal ingredients starting with salmon tartar bites – delicious scoops of minced Loch Duart salmon served in a crisp piece of gem lettuce.

Next up is cool chunks of Clean Bean’s tasty tofu with bonito fish flakes, ginger and spring onion. Then there’s our summer salad: crunchy slices of okra and mange tout served with couscous and a creamy sesame dressing.

A light and appetising dish is our chilled ramen noodles with tamago (egg), MSC prawns, wakame (seaweed) cucumber and cherry tomatoes served in a citrusy vinegar dressing – it’s especially popular in Japan during the humid summer months, but we think will be just as popular whatever the summer weather…

This season we’re promoting the wonderful MSC Cornish sardine and innovatively incorporating it into Japanese cuisine: first up is ‘unagi-style’ sardine – two fillets in a ginger teriyaki sauce on a bed of sushi rice. The sauce is typical with eel, but as it’s endangered, we don’t serve it on our menu, but we think that the robust flavour of sardines is a perfect foil for this slightly sweet sauce.

The second dish is two butterflied crispy panko-crusted sardines served with tofu tartare sauce. Keeping it crunchy, our delicious seafood spring rolls – crisp, long and moist – come with a citrus dipping sauce.

Finally, back due to popular demand, the fabulous Feng Sushi fish cake, but with an improved recipe using even more of Loch Duart’s superb salmon with a chunky caper and jalapeño dip. So, the weather may be a little unreliable, but Feng Sushi’s seasonal menu is an absolute summer sensation.