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POSTED 31 July 2014 IN Community

One aspect of sustainability – which is at the heart of Feng Sushi – is giving back, whether it’s putting too small scallops back into the sea or giving back to our community. We love our native London so when we looked around for ways to give some of that love back, we looked local – as we do for all our sourcing. What we found knocked our socks off.

Suited & Booted, fittingly based in St. Andrew-by- the-Wardrobe in the City of London, provides men with the shirt, shoes, suit, tie and accessories needed for a job interview as well as interview training and mentoring. Run by the incomparably passionate and organised Dr. Maria Lenn, Suited & Booted helped 800 men in their first year and another 1,000 in their second.

The parish hall of St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe is really an enormous walk in closet. Clients are warmly welcomed by Maria or one of the volunteer stylists – we saw Ross Kelly in action on a recent visit. They start by assessing the client’s size with a shirt. Fabric and colour options are presented and discussed as each client is taken through what amounts to a personal shopping experience to achieve a look complete with suit and tie, cufflinks and shoes. They have not only transformed the way others see them, but how the clients see themselves. The men leave with a suit and tie but also a different vision of themselves and their possibilities.

Feng Sushi provided catering for the June 6 Summer Fundraiser and will do the same for the upcoming Venetian themed “Biennale” on September 12, 2014 to commemorate and celebrate Suited & Booted second anniversary. Members of the Feng Sushi Borough and South Bank teams will be volunteering at Suited and Booted. Also in the works is a collection scheme to get all those suits, shirts and shoes to Suited & Booted.

Feng Sushi founder Silla Bjerrum and Suited & Booted’s Dr. Maria Lenn recently features on Radio Gorgeous speaking of their collaboration and trying to spread the word to raise awareness for Suited & Booted.

Suited & Booted are in particular need of shoes but any unneeded shirts, ties, cufflinks and suits please think of Suited & Booted first.

To find out more and how you might get involved:

visit the suited & booted website