spring champion 2014: scallop

POSTED 12 May 2014 IN Community

We’ve taken Guy Grieve’s Scottish scallops and paired them with Japanese flavours, shellfish and fresh seasonal vegetables to make one of our most special menus.

Asparagus & Mangetout Salad, with carrots and sesame dressing

Asparagus salad

Shellfish Ceviche, hand dived scallops, crab meat, and spicy mayo sushi roll topped with bonito flakes

Shellfish ceviche

Ryo Dives In, hand dived scallops with broccoli, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and chilli with garlic butter. This dish is named after one of our fondest chefs who recently left us.

Ryo dives in

Lemon Sole Tempura Donburi, tempura based lemon sole on mangetout, edamame and pea shoot cress on a bed of rice with edamame puree

Lemon Sole Donburi

Scallop & Lemon Sole Noodle Soup, with MSC king prawns, spring vegetables and edamame puree in a light soup

Spring soup