scallop maki to dive for

POSTED 02 May 2011 IN Wellbeing

Stories of Feng Sushi’s passion for sustainable fish have travelled beyond the M25. Well beyond. Which is why Guy Grieve of the Ethical Shellfish Company contacted us to see if we’d like to try his hand-dived king scallops. In fact, Guy was so sure of the quality of his product that he dove (for scallops) and then drove from the Isle of Mull in Scotland down to London on the same day. Happily, Feng Sushi, along with several other quality London restaurants, were convinced, which is why ESC can now support a weekly run to London. London is as far afield as they’ll go, refusing to export abroad – meaning that you too can taste these top class hand-dived scallops.

Guy’s passion for the sea was sparked after a ten-month sea voyage with his family, and after returning to his wife Juliet’s childhood home of Mull, he began working as a scallop diver. As his experience grew, Guy began to notice that while some areas of the sea bed were extremely fertile, others were completely barren and that he was witnessing the damage that intensive fishing methods were wreaking on the marine environment. Commercial trawling for scallops, for instance, involves dragging heavy chains across the sea bed, literally scraping the shellfish from the bottom, and at the same time, tearing up everything else in its path so that nothing can ever grow there again. Guy was so affected by the devastation he saw that in April 2010, along with Juliet, he set up the Ethical Shellfish Company and pledged to support sustainable fishing methods.

There are five methods that ESC support: creel-caught (for langoustines), hand-fished, hand-gathered, hand-dived and line caught. And, as you’ll read on the website, there may be other methods of bringing fish to the table that result in cheaper fish for the chef, ‘but the ultimate cost is to the sea’.

Feng Sushi has always supported sustainable fishing and we’re happy to be serving Guy’s exquisite hand-dived scallops on our menu. If you want to sample some, just nip in to your nearest Feng Sushi.

For more on the importance of sustainable fishing see the Fish2Fork website where, incidentally, Feng Sushi gets a special mention for its hard work and are currently rated most sustainable.