POSTED 27 April 2012 IN Community

IFK Göteburg footballer José  Fortes and  Gabriel Manrique are friends. One day, as Gabriel was playing some music by Tcheka, José told him that  he came from the same little village in Cape Verde. As they talked, José told Gabriel the story of his village, Ribeira da Barca, and the ‘Sandgrains’ project began…

On Sunday 22 April, Feng Sushi in Borough Market invited its customers, along with other interested parties in the field of sustainable fishing, to a film event. ‘Sandgrains’, a crowdfunded production, documents the story of IFK Göteburg footballer, José Fortes, returning to his home to Cape Verde to find his community transformed.

Once a thriving fishing village with a beautiful beach where José spent his childhood years playing, Ribeira da Barca’s fortunes have been devastated by the huge trawlers that fish off the archipelago, scooping up all the fish that the villagers once caught. José discovers the local people now harvesting the sand from the shore as a means of making a living. There is also evidence of shark-killing. The sharks that once patrolled the seas ensured that their little fish – kavala – kept close to the shore and were easy to catch. With the sharks disappearing, the villagers can no longer survive on the ever-decreasing fish stock.

The film is still in production and crowdfunded is, as its name suggests, drawing on the support of its audience in order to get its message across.

The afternoon was a great success. Feng Sushi provided drinks and excellent sushi and, post-film, director Gabriel Manrique told us about the project and how it was made and, more importantly, how we can support it in order to take it to post-production.