new winter menu

POSTED 03 December 2012 IN Spirit Of Japan

For those of you wondering how we create our seasonal winter menu, we got the kitchen at Chalk Farm to explain how it’s created:

‘First we decide on the fish that we’ll be showcasing and, in winter, salmon is the obvious choice. We have a close relationship with our suppliers, Loch Duart, so it’s just a question of creating something new with the excellent quality fish that they provide us with’.

The next stage is combining the main ingredients with whatever sauces, salads and dressings will enhance the flavours.

‘I’ve just come back from Denmark so really fancied adding some familiar flavours to this seasons’s dishes. For instance, the Heavenly Salmon Donburi is a combination of a traditional Japanese dish with a Nordic twist. We’ve put together a selection of salmon prepared in different ways – hot smoked salmon, ikura (salmon eggs), smoked salmon sashimi – and we’re adding pea shoots, dill, a watercress sauce and grated horseradish’.

The Danish inspiration is also evident in this season’s Deluxe Maki: crispy salmon skin wrapped with hot-smoked salmon, chives and horseradish cream is served with two types of pickle: traditional Japanese pickles in dashi vinegar mixed with Nordic-style cucumber.

A firm Feng favourite is the katsu curry and so there’s no messing with this Japanese dish, or at least not too much – instead of the usual pork cutlet, Feng’s version is served with light and crispy cuttlefish, hake and tiger prawns.

Curry udon is ‘katsu for vegetarians’ as it combines the delicious katsu curry with lovely udon noodles, crispy silken tofu, broccoli, mangetout and shiitake mushroom.

Deluxe tempura is just that – deluxe: sweet soft-shell crab, new season juicy mussels, scallop and, for aesthetics as well as taste, a delicate shiso leaf, all dipped in nori batter, lightly fried and served with rice and a lemon poppy dressing.

Seafood ramen is a positive cornucopia of shiitake mushroom, mussels, tiger prawn, baby squid, mangetout, seaweed, beansprout, a softly boiled egg, and, of course baby corn.

Finally, for veggies and lovers of our wonderful tofu, in the agedashi ramen we substituted the fish with delicious deep fried tofu, and served in a delicious konbu dashi broth with crispy vegetables.

Happily, after all that talking and cooking, with Hiromi taking the excellent pictures you see here, we all tucked in and enjoyed another super seasonal menu.