new summer seasonal menu

POSTED 25 June 2013 IN From The Kitchen

This new summer seasonal menu is all about keeping cool, refreshed and embracing all things summery!

Crab is our seasonal champion, and it’s sustainably sourced from Devon in the UK.

As much as we loved our sea bass menu, we’re really excited about this new summer menu, full of fresh new dishes and irresistable sides!

Tomato & Wakame Salad: A variety of heirloom tomatoes with wakame on a mooli salad and dashi dressing

Cold Summer Tofu: With fresh ginger, spring onions and bonito flakes in a cold dashi sauce

Crystal Roll: Devonshire crab meat, shisho, mint leaves and beansprouts with sweet chilli sauce

Double Crab Donburi: Soft shell crab, fresh crab meat and pickled cucumber on a bed of hijiki rice with garlic butter soy sauce

Crab & Scallop Cold Summer Noodles: With tamago, cucumber, spring onion and somen noodles with cold dipping dashi sauce

Devon Crab Fritters: A hint of Japanese spices with pickled cherry tomatoes and cucumber, with ginger soya sauce

Super Power Lunch: Smoked mackeral, broad beans and lightly pickled beetroot on red and brown hijiki rice with wasabi sauce