new spelt bun & desserts

POSTED 12 March 2013 IN Wellbeing

The new spelt bun

Spelt bun filled with crispy tofu, cucumber, spring onions and hoi sin sauce

spelt bun


Spelt is natural grain with a distinctive nutty flavour and unlike common wheat, natural spelt has not been hybridised or chemically altered.

As the gluten in natural spelt is soluble, in some cases, it can be used by people with wheat intolerance or IBS, which can be difficult to cater for and have become increasingly common in today’s society.

It remains as simple and hardy as it was when it was first introduced around 7,000 years ago.

The new desserts

These are irresistible…

Chocolate brownie dusted with matcha, green tea powder 



Lemon, polenta and poppy seed cake

lemon cake


Enjoy the new dessert sharing platter for eat-in only

dessert platter