Hello Poke Bowls

POSTED 07 September 2017 IN From The Kitchen

Summer is not over yet... We've got three bowls packed full of summer goodness!

Our three new Poke bowls come with either fresh salmon or tuna sashimi or homemade marinaded miso tofu!

Each Poke is beautifully balanced with a combination of fresh, sweet and zingy flavours – Japanese food is all about balance and this dish perfectly encompasses that.

The sweetness comes from a mango salsa with pomegranate and they are paired with fresh cucumber… mouthwatering stuff. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Feng dish without edamame, avocado, zingy red onion and crunchy radish. The rice has a subtle touch of ginger coming through, but the piece de la resistance is a sweet homemade Ginger Soy dressing.

Did you know?

Poke is pronounced “Poe-Kay and is actually a traditional dish favoured by the locals of the Hawaiian islands, normally consisting of chopped Ahi tuna on a bed of seasoned sushi rice. Let’s just say we’ve give ours a usual Feng twist! 

Salmon Poke Bowl 

Delivery 8.95 / Eat In 9.95

Salmon Poke

Tuna Poke Bowl

Delivery 9.95 / Eat In 10.95

Tuna Poke

Miso Tofu Poke Bowl

Delivery 8.00 / Eat In 9.00

Miso Poke