meat free monday

POSTED 25 March 2013 IN Wellbeing

Feng Sushi is now a supporter of Meat Free Monday!

what is it?

An organisation that promotes Monday to be a day where no meat is consumed to help lower the impact the rearing and eating of meat has on the world.

This hopes to achieve:
1. lower greenhouse gases:
18% of global greenhouse gas emissions are generated from the livestock productions according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
2. health purposes:
many leading health organisations recommend lowering meat consumption to 3 times a week, which would significantly reduce heart disease, cancer and stroke occurances
3. cost cutting:
the cost of meat is rising and there are many vegetable alternatives high in protein such as lentils, and dried beans that are cheaper alternatives
4. give animals a break:
many animals are raised in intensive factory farms in poor conditions. Taking more interest in how meat is farmed and by lowering our consumption of meat will ensure animals are treated more compassionately

Feng Sushi are offering 20% off Veggie Mondays to make Meat Free Monday that much easier to get involved with!