loch duart salmon

POSTED 22 January 2012 IN Wellbeing

Feng Sushi loves salmon. The delivery of our daily salmon box is one of the most important events of the day as each box contains the main ingredient for many of our favourite dishes: salmon donburi, tea-smoked salmon, salmon teriyaki, salmon nigiri – all are carefully prepared from the finest, sustainable salmon. So it’s only natural that we have a very close relationship with the supplier of such wonderful fish – Loch Duart – and thought we ought to tell you a little more about them.

Loch Duart is the first salmon farm in the world to become a member of Freedom Food’s new salmon scheme.  This scheme was the first to feature fish welfare as a priority – and we all know that welfare and eating quality are closely linked. Loch Duart’s aim is to deliver outstanding salmon using a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach. The Marine Conservation Society – the UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife – is used by Loch Duart as a guide and informal advisor.  While the MSC raises awareness of threats to the sea and its environment, Loch Duart endeavours to follow its principles and guidelines in an attempt to prevent overfishing, stop pollution and protect wildlife and habitats.

In the far and remote North West of Scotland, in the pristine waters off the coast of Sutherland and the Hebrides, the Loch Duart salmon lives and breeds among sea urchins and seaweed. The life cycle of the salmon is extraordinary and wonderful – whether farmed or wild this remarkable fish lives in fresh water then migrates to sea water.  Loch Duart has its own Scottish broodstock – the only remaining, commercial Scottish broodstock in existence

In this most sparsely populated corner of Europe – an area of incredible natural beauty – the salmon lives until it is harvest size, and only then are these lean, fit fish harvested for delivery to the best restaurants. The quality of the fish is not in dispute: it’s won the first Gold Award for Best Food in the ‘Taste of Britain’ awards; Rick Stein is a big fan; Loch Duart salmon was even served at the dinner after the Royal Wedding!

With its careful farming methods, Loch Duart is able to produce top quality fish that is full of nutrients, high in protein, vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids – omega 3 levels being particularly high and crucial to our ‘heart health’.  It’s said that one of the best tests of salmon quality is how it tastes raw – and sushi is the best-known and most popular way of doing this, which is why Feng Sushi uses Loch Duart salmon.