late summer, seasonal, sea bass… sensational.

POSTED 19 September 2012 IN From The Kitchen

Hey, with all that breezy, blowy stuff, autumn is trying to muscle in with a vengeance here – but here at Feng we’re not shaken, not even stirred. We’ve got a late summer menu that’s absolutely guaranteed to keep things hot for a little longer and holding on to the last bit of summer.

Feng’s fabulous donburi of hand-dived scallops, with fresh broccoli stems, bamboo shoots and rice has a chilli kick that will definitely help keep the cold out. But it’s not all about the hot: the crispy skin sea bass and spicy mayo all wrapped in an immaculate maki is sensational, and the panko crusted tofu served with ginger sauce is, frankly fabulational. And to crown it all off, with our seasonal champion sea bass, there’s our pièce de resistance – tempura sea bass with crunchy beansprouts, cucumber and soba noodles in a zingy sweet and sour ginger sauce. And for the real hard-corers, Feng’s supreme sashimi of seasonal sea bass served with fresh tomato salsa and the chilliest chilli we’ve ever created, a Jalapeno dressing with a real punch.  Autumn? We’re not scared…