late summer seasonal menu – mackerel

POSTED 03 September 2013 IN From The Kitchen

This season’s champion is mackerel, sustainably line caught from Trelawney in Cornwall.

Mackerel is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and, being a fatty fish, responds well to salt curing, pickling and sushi.

Feng Sushi’s preparation of mackerel is classic Japanese: clean, fillet, salt, rinse, marinate in sushi vinegar, kombu and soy sauce. Kombu is a type of edible seaweed used for its flavour-enhancing properties, as it is ‘umami’, the fifth taste along with salt, sour, sweet and bitter.

Here are the new seasonal dishes!

Daikon Slaw Salad with cucumber, ikura, yuzu tobiko, edamame, hijiki and fennel

Daikon Slaw Salad

Panko Crusted Tofu with citrus dressing

Panko Crusted Tofu

Mackerel Sushi Roll with avocado, mizuna, cucumber, dill and shiso leaf

mackerel sushi roll

Mackerel Sashimi with shiso salsa

mackerel sashimi roll

Prawn Noodle Salad with tartare sauce

prawn noodle salad

Coconut Prawn Tempura with mango and papaya salsa

coconut tempura prawn