Hungover? Get back on your feet with a Feng

POSTED 01 April 2016 IN Wellbeing

Feng’s 5 top tips to surviving your worst hangover ever

We’ve all done it. Those nights when going out for “a drink or two” ends up with you coming home at 3 am; and waking feeling like someone’s playing drums in your skull having first run you over.

To help all our Feng friends who find themselves in this position, our team has put together 5 top tips to surviving your worst hangover ever.

H20mygosh I feel terrible: 

Miso soup is brilliant to rehydrate. It gets your sodium levels up again and the fermented miso is good for your digestion and stomach squirgles. Combine with a Vita Coco Coconut Water for an electrolyte boost as well.

vita coco

Eat light, eat right: 

Though some people think hangovers and fatty food are a good idea, it’s better for you to have the fried food before you start drinking, and eat light food afterwards. Our chefs recommend salmon sashimi and sushi rolls featuring avocado. Sashimi is just super good for you and avocados are packed with potassium which you’ll need to replenish after your night on the tiles.

salmon selection

Love your liver:

Cysteine is an amino acid that helps your liver out and makes antioxidants. These Feng foods are packed with cysteine, so add one or two to your order:

  • Soybeans – give the chili edamame a go
  • Poultry – chicken katsu curry is a great option, warm, tasty comfort food
  • Broccoli – vegetarian tempura is a great way to tick the broccoli box

chilli edamame

All day feasting:

One minute you want to eat, the next you’re not so sure? Well the best thing about ordering a sushi delivery mid-hangover is you can order a huge feast and pick at it all day. So if you’re hangover is coming back at you, or you get a sudden hunger… your cure is sitting there ready to be demolished!

sushi platters

Sweet Treat:

We find that sugary foods eaten when hungover may help you feel less trembly. For the perfect balance of sugar and deliciousness go for chocolate or cheesecake mochi – small bites of bliss which will perk you up in a flash.

chocolate mochi

So if any of the above helps your next hangover, or if you have any hangover favourites you’d like to share, social them our way… every little helps eh?!