healthy lunches for work

POSTED 02 April 2013 IN Wellbeing

Our bodies are like engines. They need high-quality fuel to work to their optimum capacity, and a healthy balanced diet is the best way to help us feel energised and keep focused throughout the day.

So, it’s lunchtime, you’ve got a deadline to hit, and you need to eat fast. What do you do?

• Pick up some fast food?

• Grab a sandwich?

• Order a quick, healthy lunch delivery from Feng Sushi?

Fast food may be fast, but it’s high in fat and low in protein. And the simple carbohydrates in a sandwich will see your blood sugar drop, and have you craving more carbs, within the hour. And if you picked one with mayonnaise you’ll be adding calories too.

Are you looking for healthy lunch ideas for work?

With Feng Sushi’s lunch delivery service, you can order online quick, healthy lunches that are delicious, low calorie, and high in protein with lots of important minerals and vitamins. As well as all our healthy salad options, we can recommend.

• ‘Power lunch’ with salmon sashimi, edamame beans, pomegranate and avocado on brown rice

• Soba and black rice noodle salad with marinaded tofu, a vegetarian special

• Brown rice maki, with avocado or salmon, tuna and yellowtail

• Wilted spinach with a sesame dressing

• X-Ray salad with peppers, pomegranate, edamame, avocado and chives

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Low fat, high protein salmon served with complex carbohydrate brown rice will keep energy levels high and hunger at bay. And if you’re having a meeting over lunch, why not order our one of our delicious meeting platters?

Quick healthy work lunches have never been so easy; order from the Feng Sushi delivery service. We’ll keep you hale, hearty and healthy all.

One final tip – check out our Veggie Mondays with 20% off all our vegetarian dishes, which also supports Meat Free Mondays!