halloween party platters

POSTED 22 October 2014 IN From The Kitchen

Halloween parties are so much fun, decorating your house, buying lots of treats and of course fancy dress!

Cooking on the other hand can be a bit of a pain, so how about we cook, cut, roll, package and deliver it right to your door just before everyone arrives?

We’ve got a platter suited to all the types for: kids, gluten free, high in protein, classic mixed and a big mixed party platter!

Please order nice and early on the morning of your party or the day before (if your order is large 50+) as it will be a busy night for our drivers.

Classic Mixed – 2-4 people / £29.75

A combination of the most popular sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi and edamame

Party Platter – 6-8 people / £54.00

A double platter in one order with a combination of sushi rolls, nigiri and edamame

Family Platter – 3-4 people / £25.75

We’ve got some favourites for the adults and for the kids in this platter (yes it is possible!)

Gluten Free – 2-4 people / £36.00

For those who can’t eat gluten, this is the perfect platter coming with its very own tamari

Brown Rice – 2-4 people / £29.75

This platter only has brown rice for those looking to be healthy or those who just prefer brown rice

Last but not least…

Nigiri Platter – 2-4 people / £29.75

This is a good one to order with the sushi roll platter, unless you just love nigiri!