fish spawning season

POSTED 06 March 2013 IN Wellbeing

The ethos of sustainability runs deep at Feng Sushi.

The arrival of spring heralds the spawning season for most fish and crustacea, such as crab and prawns.

During this time eggs turn into ‘fry’ and are on their way to becoming full-grown fish. For this reason, we like to reduce our fish-eating and encourage upping the veg quotient.

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spring rolls

We only serve sustainable species of fish and shellfish. We took eel of the menu when it went on the endangered list. We ensure that they are fished or farmed sustainably – we don’t buy fish that has been trawled. And we also take account of the spawning season in our efforts to help the fish species to restock.

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That’s why we’re not doing seasonal specials with fish, but only vegetarian dishes.

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