Bonfire Night – 25% off Platters

POSTED 05 November 2019 IN From The Kitchen

For one night only we will be discount our sharing platters by 25%, just enter BONFIRESHARER at the checkout to redeem your discount.

Select from;

Classic Mixed – 2-4 people / usual price £29.75

A combination of the most popular sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi and edamame

Party Platter – 6-8 people / £54.00

A double platter in one order with a combination of sushi rolls, nigiri and edamame

Family Platter – 3-4 people / £28.50

We’ve got some favourites for the adults and for the kids in this platter (yes it is possible!)

Sushi Roll Platter – 3-4 people / £33.50

40 pieces: green goddess, California, king prawn tempura, salmon avocado, mean spicy tuna roll with salty edamame

Last but not least, why not go healthy and order:

Brown Rice – 2-4 people / £29.75

This platter only has brown rice for those looking to be healthy or those who just prefer brown rice