feng sushi short listed for the sustainable city awards

POSTED 28 February 2012 IN Wellbeing

Feng Sushi takes the Sustainable Fish City Pledge

Feng Sushi is committed to using sustainably sourced fish. Our policy dictates that any fish that doesn’t meet these strict criteria is removed from the menu: when we discovered that eel stocks were dwindling, we took eel off the menu in Spring 2011, and in 2009 we took tiger prawns off the menu for four months until we were able to find a sustainable alternative. So naturally we quickly signed up to Sustainable Fish City and are thrilled that our efforts are being recognised and we have been selected as one of the finalists in the Sustainable City Awards.

Organised by a partnership of conservation and sustainable food organisations, Sustainable Fish City is determined that London will become the first city in the world to serve fully sustainable fish. It’s ambitious, but Feng Sushi is proud to publicly add its name to the pledge and, on 24 January 2012, Silla Bjerrum attended the Sustainable Fish City Summit and hosted a session on Farmed Fish. Silla explored issues around farming, stocking, fish welfare and environmental concerns around natural habitats and the use of pesticides – all of which need to be addressed if we’re to avoid a worst-case scenario: no more fish by 2080. It was agreed that, without farming, the demands of the public could not be met, but it is believed that many consumers have a negative perception of farmed fish and don’t distinguish between good and bad farming practice. It is still not fully appreciated that, in some cases, farmed fish can be the best sustainable solution to threatened species.

People are eating more fish, and that’s a good thing. For a start, fish is good for you, much of it providing essential nutrients that the body needs but is unable to make itself, such as Omega 3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, not all of the fish we eat is caught sustainably; the world’s fish stocks are rapidly being depleted as a result of destructive trawling methods. We’re determined to provide quality fish that is sustainable – so serving the public and the environment at the same time.

The campaign is supported by London Mayor, Boris Johnson, and he’s committed to implementing a sustainable fish policy in all the organisations over which the GLA has control: the Metropolitan Police, the Fire Brigade and Transport for London. Boris is also encouraging the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games to adopt a sustainable fish policy. We’ll be following his progress, so watch this space…

Sustainable Fish Cities is supported by the Marine Stewardship Council, Sustain(the Alliance for Better Food and Farming), Pisces Responsible Fish RestaurantsSeafood Choices Alliance and the Marine Conservation Society.