Feng Sushi review by Sam, 9 yrs

POSTED 01 April 2016 IN Community

As I walked in to the West Hampstead Feng Sushi the first things I could smell were fresh fish & soy sauce.

On the walls were some Picasso-like patterns with blue and purple bumps in them. There was an aquarium filled with fish. Here’s what I thought about the food….

drawing of Feng Sushi Aquarium

Drawing of the aquarium by Sophia – 6 years old (younger sister to Sam)

The edamame was indulgent and salty. The green goddess sushi roll was absolutely heavenly. If you like sate and/or peanut buttery tastes, you’ll absolutely LOVE the wilted spinach with sesame dressing (or at least the dressing!)

Sophia's Favourite Sushi

If a normal salmon and avocado sushi roll isn’t enough, a lovely salmon and avocado inside out roll will certainly tickle your fancy. The white rice was soft and pliable, like a cloud made entirely out of melting marshmallows.

The brown rice, avocado and tuna sushi roll was somehow a combination of crunchy and smooth. DELISH!

The sashimi was SO, SO fresh it’s like they bring the fish straight from the ocean to your plate. Vegetables aren’t always nice in a 9 year old’s opinion, but if it’s in an appetising dish named vegetarian katsu curry it’s always going to be in my good books.

Nippon Mock duck pancakes with inari inside were soft with a bold taste just like the chicken teriyaki wings. I neverthought that chicken; fried and marinated would be SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!!!!! !!!! ! ! A mildly spicy chicken dinner is what you want; a lovely warm chicken gyoza is what you need!

How I felt after my Sushi

A cheesecake mochi, now I’ve heard it all. Yes these cheesecake rice cakes aren’t regular rice cakes at all. They are soft and easy to bite into and the taste was as if 40 years’ of work went in to it.

The food and service were amazing. I give Feng Sushi an A+.


Sam – 9 years old & expert food critic!


Sophia, 6 years old and a very talented artist!