new chicken dishes at west hampstead

POSTED 11 December 2013 IN From The Kitchen

It’s an exciting time at West Hampstead Feng Sushi!

After many requests from our customers we’ve created a selection of chicken dishes that we believe are a great addition to the Feng family!

Read all about how our Head of Food Development David Wright created the new chicken dishes:

Being Feng Sushi we wanted to make sure the dishes were tasty, ethically sourced and value for money and I believe we have succeeded in all these.

I wanted to introduce traditional Japanese favourites fused with innovative techniques that reflect how we do things in Feng. Our dishes reflect Japanese sensibility; using seasonings to highlight the natural, delicious taste of the bird, but never overwhelm it.

Chicken Wings

These are incredibly popular in Japan, where they’re grilled and steamed poached. We developed three lovely homemade glazes including teriyaki, ponzu and sweet chilli.

Teriyaki chicken wings

sweet chili chicken wings

ponzu glaze chicken wings
The ponzu glaze is a complex mix of Asian fruits and herbs which I think works fantastically well with the crispy but juicy wings.

Ponzu incidentally is made by simmering mirin, rice vinegar, katsuobushi flakes (from tuna), and seaweed (kombu) over medium heat. The liquid is then cooled, strained to remove the katsuobushi flakes, and finally the juice of one or more of the following citrus fruits is added: yuzu, sudachi, daidai, kabosu, or lemon.

Chicken Katsu

For the chicken Katsu we need to thank an inventive chef named Kida Motojiro for bringing to the world a dish of glistening pork fillets breaded with delightfully crispy crumbs.

chicken katsu

In 1899 he introduced the dish at his Western-style restaurant in Tokyo. By 1904, he settled on thinly sliced raw cabbage and a Japanese take on Worcestershire sauce as accompaniments.

Kida’s dish of Tonkatsu used pork fillets but the succulent free range chicken breast we use works just as well. We also developed a wonderfully spiced ‘homemade’ Tonkatsu sauce to keep it natural, adding our usual Feng twist!

Chicken Katsu Curry

It seems that everybody in Japan likes curry just as much as we Brits

chicken katsu curry

The English version which first hit Japan was slightly soupy and served with bread.The Japanese adopted the dish to their taste and thicken it so it could be served with rice. The Feng curry is sweet, savoury, fragrant and rich.

Yaki Udon

The yaki udon are stir fried noodles but they are not cooked crispy, instead they’re prepared with Japanese seasonings and simmered until all the ingredients are absorbed. A sprinkling of aonori and a touch more Tonkatsu sauce completes this hearty dish.

yaki udon

Duck salad with Soba Noodles

We decided to put a duck dish on the menu, a lovely light oriental salad. Duck is also very popular in Japan. The flavours here are more reminiscent of the rest of the Pacific Rim but the soba noodles are authentic Japanese.

duck soba noodle salad