devon crab

POSTED 09 May 2012 IN Wellbeing

The sweet and delicate flavour of fresh crab is the taste of spring, and our development team, David and Kazu, have been busy creating delicious dishes to make the best of it. Our crab is handpicked from south Devon, where Alan Henderson and his son Shaun are passionate about delivering the freshest and most sustainable shellfish in the market. Alan Henderson believes that combining sustainable fishing methods and innovative technology ensures a far better tasting product – and we agree.

Trawler fishing damages, sometimes permanently, the seabed. Hendersons use pots that are hauled up from the bed so that the living crab can be checked; if they are undersized or showing eggs (brown crabs breed in January and February), they are returned safely to the sea where they can grow and breed again. The Blue Seafood Company – next in the process –is also careful about the crab it uses: no pregnant females or crabs under 150mm. The Marine Conservation Society fully supports and approves this method of sustainable crab fishing.

Crabmeat is low in fat and salt and a good source of protein. It also contains minerals and amino acids essential for health, such as zinc, which the body requires for good brain function, growth and development.

And those delicious dishes?

Try Fried Devon Crab Fritters, Crystal Roll with Devon Crab & Wild Garlic, and Devon Crab & Hand Dived Scallop Donburi