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POSTED 12 September 2012 IN Wellbeing

Everyone loves sea bass. It’s beautiful to look at, wonderfully versatile to cook with, tastes great and it’s good for you. Now there are three more good reasons for eating it. Feng Sushi has found a supplier who can boast of being sustainable, environmentally friendly and, incredibly, producing a fish that has more essential omega-3 fish oils than wild sea bass. Read on…

On a sunny day in August, Silla went to visit Anglesey Aquaculture and meet its staff. The biggest supplier of sustainably farmed sea bass, Anglsey Aquaculture is located on the Isle of Anglesey, close to the Irish Sea and, though the company’s production system may be slightly different from the usual, it certainly has plenty of benefits. Using an enclosed recirculation system, the farm has no interaction with the outside environment and so doesn’t come into contact with wild fish or birds that may carry disease or infection. No disease, no medication. All the waste is captured and passed on as fertiliser to local agriculture, and the seawater is treated and returned to the sea. So far so great.

Freshness, as well as being important for taste, is also an important sustainability factor. The longer a fish has travelled to get to your plate, the shorter the time it can be kept. As Anglesey Aquaculture is close to its market, its food miles are much lower compared to other suppliers – most sea bass is imported from Greece and Turkey – so the product is fresher and its shelf life therefore longer; Anglesey’s fish typically reaches your plate within 1-2 days, compared with 6-7 days for other suppliers. This means it has a longer shelf life and so waste is reduced, making it much more sustainable.

Finally, and most incredibly, tests have shown that the omega-3 levels of Anglesey’s sea bass can be higher than that of wild sea bass.

Three more reasons to eat sustainable sea bass at Feng Sushi. And here’s how we like it:

Sea Bass Sashimi with Jalapeno Salsa
Sea Bass Deluxe Maki
Tempura Sea Bass Soba Noodles