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Bite-sized delights for day or night

We’ve been catering events since 2001.

Since then our fresh, appetising and visually stunning canapés have wowed parties, team gatherings, client meetings, product launches, PR events, away days, training sessions and special occasions.

For more information on our catering packages and bespoke menus please contact chat@fengsushi.co.uk.

Our Canapés

Sushi Roll

Sushi rolled in a nori sheet with a filling

Salmon and avocado inside-out maki £1.00
Spicy tuna, avocado and spicy mayo £1.00
MSC king prawn maki £1.25
Soft shell crab with yuzu tobiko £1.25
Shittake tempura mushroom (v) £0.75
Inside-out green maki (v) £0.75
All orders include soy, ginger and wasabi.


A delicate rice ball with a topping

Salmon with ikura and sesame topping £1.50
Seared teriyaki salmon with cress £1.25
Tuna with chives and chilli furikake £1.50
Mackerel with shiso cress and sesame £1.00
Japanese omelette and pepper (v) £1.00
All orders include soy, ginger and wasabi.

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