autumn menu

POSTED 15 November 2012 IN From The Kitchen

Autumnal winds may howl, but trust Feng to create another seasonal menu of warming, healthy and delicious dishes. As with all our seasonal menus, this one highlights Feng’s passion and ethos by using carefully selected ingredients, and each of these six new recipes brings you a real taste of autumn.

Delicious Katsu curry is a firm Japanese favourite and we’ve given ours an autumnal spin, not to mention great colour, by adding pumpkin, butternut squash and tiger prawns.

Crispy tofu with Japanese mushroom ragout combines the clean taste of tofu with a rich and warming sauce for dipping – or simply slurping like a soup.

A delicious blend of mushroom and anori is brought together to create crunchy-on-the-outside, smooth-on-the-inside fritters that are perfect for dipping in shiso sour cream.

Our spring rolls (or should that be autumn rolls?) bring taste and crunch together by combining creamy feta cheese with nutty pumpkin and fresh spinach leaf. They look pretty lovely too.

Last, but definitely not least, is Osaka-style Oshi-Zushi: take one fillet of mackerel, slice into five and, with rice, nori and shiso (the purple minty tasting leaf) create delicious sushi that is part-‘work of art’ and part-‘architectural feat of engineering’ (you may need to use fingers for this one).