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Tofu Supplier: Clean Bean #tofu-supplier-clean-bean

Made in the heart of London on Brick Lane, Neil McClennan from Clean Bean produces organic hand-made tofu and has supplied us the most fantastic local tofu for years! Find out more about where the beans come from and how Neil's own personality, skill and experience creates a unique tasting tofu.
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Scallop Supplier: Guy Grieve #scallop-supplier-guy-grieve

Guy Grieve's hand-dived scallops are fresh, locally sourced from the Isle of Mull and always delicious! Read about Silla's visit to Guy in Scotland to learn about his approach to fishing scallops and have a browse some of her lovely photo's of Guy and his scallops. 
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Packaging Supplier: Progressive #packaging-supplier-progressive

All our packaging is biodegradable and recylable and our supplier helps ensure it's always practical for our food delivery ensuring your lunch or dinner arrives in good condition! 
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Crab Supplier: Alan Handerson #crab-supplier-alan-handerson

Alan Henderson in south Devon hand-picks our crabs using sustainable fishing methods and they believe their methods have the crabs tasting their best. Find out more about their fishing techniques and David's visit to Devon. 
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Rice Supplier: Giovanni, Riseria Vignola Italy #rice-supplier-giovanni-riseria-vignola-italy

Silla visited our rice supplier where she met Giovanni and his family who have been growing and milling rice in the Po Valley for 5 generations. Silla decided to use a rice supplier in Italy due to the quality of rice and with an aim lo lower the food miles our rice takes to arrive in London. 
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Coffee Supplier: Monmouth Coffee #coffee-supplier-monmouth-coffee

Monmouth coffee has been buying its coffee directly from independent farmers and ensures they understand the challenges each grower faces. The coffee is of the highest standard, is organically produced and what's important is they have developed personal relationships with the suppliers ensuring they are well supported during challenging times. Monmouth coffee tastes fantastic, you'll see the local Borough Market crowd queueing for their morning coffee fix every day!
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Tea Supplier: Canton Tea #tea-supplier-canton-tea

Jennifer Wood, the founder of Canton Tea has travelled high and low to farms across Chine, Insia, Taiwan and Japan to source the best tea out there. Japanese Tea is an essential part of Japanese cuisine which is why we work with Canton Tea, one of the UK's preeminent purveyors of fine, handmade artisan teas available. 
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