Sushi School

The Billingsgate Seafood School 

If you love our sushi and fancy learning to make some of your own, join our Masterclass at the Billingsgate Seafood School.

Class details

Classes start early - 6am - for an escorted tour around the busy Billingsgate fish market where you will learn how to identify types of fish and shellfish, particularly the best for sushi and sashimi. You will also learn what to look for when buying fresh fish.

Then it is back to the kitchen for breakfast and any questions you may have before learning the best techniques and recipes for sushi, maki and nigiri.

You will also learn how to cook perfect sushi rice. You can enjoy some of your prepared sushi and sashimi for lunch and the rest is packed up for you to take home.

Available dates:

13th July

14th September

18th October

To book your place or make an enquiry, contact the Billingsgate Seafood School

Visit or 


If you'd like to arrange a bespoke class for up to seven 
individuals email


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