When it comes to ingredients we put our principles on the plate.

We know that food tastes best when it’s made with fresh, high quality seasonal ingredients that are produced organically and sustainably.

For the last ten years we’ve been building a network of suppliers to help us achieve this.

We only sell sushi made from fish that comes from sustainable sources. We use innovative fish farms in the far north of Scotland and off the coast of Australia.

We do not sell blue fin tuna. Blue fin tuna stocks are now considered to be so dangerously low that campaigners are calling for a three-year worldwide ban. Instead we serve hook and line caught Yellow Fin tuna. The nearest place we can source this fish is the Maldives and to guarantee Sashimi grade quality it has to be flown in. It is the only air-freighted ingredient in our kitchen.

Although we serve Japanese food we try to source our ingredients much closer to home. We buy our ingredients from local suppliers or within Europe. If they absolutely have to come from Japan all our ingredients are sent via land or sea, never air freighted. Recently we’ve been working with local farmers to grow mooli and edamame.

There’s a common link between all our suppliers. We only use company’s who care about protecting the environment for future generations and whose methods set the benchmark for environmental best practise and animal welfare.

Our menu changes every three months to make the most of the best seasonal produce fresh from the market.

Feng sushi is the antithesis of conveyor belt sushi. All our food is handmade with great care and attention from freshest ingredients. The fish is cut by highly trained chefs at a central fish-cutting unit before being delivered on ice to each branch. At each individual restaurant our head chefs prepare the sushi rice themselves to their own exacting standards. Good rice is the key to great sushi.

We have never used plastic boxes to display our food instead we use folding cardboard. Two years ago we went one step further and started using cartons made from sustainable Swedish foresting. The entire box is now biodegradable, apart from a thin wax coating required for food safety purposes. We ask all our customers to help by putting our used boxes and colourful raffia into their recycling.

All our chopsticks are made from sustainable bamboo. Our dipping sauce cups are made from sugar cane.

Our cooking oil is collected and recycled to use as bio-diesel. We have no vans but instead use a fleet of scooters for all our pick-ups and deliveries. We hope one day a scooter will be developed that we can run on our own bio-diesel. We are still working on a way to recycle our food waste but hope to find a solution soon.

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